Sophie Boon

Sophie (the Boss) Boon is, it has been said, to be in fact non-other than the latest Harley Quinn. After leaving school, Sophie went to SCAT college to do a National Diploma in fashion textiles followed by fine art course. while on this course Sophie found a deep love for the works of the surrealist movement, 50s pinup art, Giger and of course, the Joker! When the Joker is returned to Arkham after a battle with Batman, the sight of her badly injured hero drove Sophie insane. The art on that page had a profound effect on her and ironically (considering what happened to Harleen) She began freeing the Joker through art. In 2009 she began a piercing course at Holey skin studio in Bristol which led to a Tattoo Apprenticeship. In 2013 she opened Black Tulip with her mother Sue Hewes, to help bring the Joker, and art to the masses

Sue Hewes

Pete Wakefield

Pete Wakefield from Taunton (originally Bristol) has reappeared after being missing for several weeks with a fantastical tale straight from the Horror films he has always loved. According to Pete while drawing up a tattoo, his Skeletor figures Havoc Staff started to glow. The next thing he knew he was standing before Skeletor and Evil-Lyn somewhere in Snake Mountain on the dark side Eternia. For a week he says he was grilled (Literally) about his artistic background, from his first drawings of witches in the back of his father’s bible, his studies in art and design GCSE, A level art, foundation art to finishing his college education studying comic book art and film storyboard. Next he was pushed on the artists who inspire him which he answered as Bob Tyrell, Teresa Shape, Grinddesign , Hannah atichinson , Paul Akker, Ernest Henkel, Bernie Wrightson, Frida Kahlo and Temara de lempicka. Finally the pair disclosed their reason for bringing Pete to Eternia, they required his help. Eternia was fading from memory, because of Pete’s style leaning towards Blackwork and comic-book realism with colour which tends to be minimal or stark and muted; he was the perfect human to receive the gift of the coils of Havoc. Each tattoo he inks on others using the coils of havoc will help hold back the fade; saving Eternia. They never mentioned what He-man was doing about it. The next thing he knew he was back in familiar surroundings, the Black Tulip Studio, charged with the mission to save Eternia, Which you can help, just call the Black Tulip studio and book time with Pete and become part of the story.

Caden Porter

Travelling through time, space and lives, Caden arrived at his present existence filled with the knowledge to help him on the path to nirvana, the Zen of art and tattoos. Inspired by the work of Joe Monroe, Zed le Head, Deryn Twelve and Cammy Stewart he completed an 18 month apprenticeship and has been working as a professional tattooist and studying its history for the last 3 years. Specializing in Dotwork, blackwork, geometric and black and gray Caden has been honing his art to help his clients to transcend the material world to find joy and inner peace.

Brenn Scantlebury

Brenn is a one off tattooist that was manufactured by The Lego Group, a privately held company based in Billund, Denmark. The company’s flagship product, Lego, consists of colourful interlocking plastic bricks accompanying figurines called minifigures, and various other parts. After imbuing the parts used to create a Brenn in graphic design, fine arts foundation and three years tattoo experience a fully formed, one off Brenn was released in to Black tulip with rave reviews. Specializing in traditional and neo traditional and both colour and black and gray. With favourite artists as Phil Blake, Grindesign and Godmachine, Time with Brenn is available now at your local Black tulip studio.

Jazz Puttock